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Marie de France

Comment ne pas tomber amoureux de ces alambics? This visit was, as I sensed it, the pinnacle of our journey to Scotland this time. The bar has also a view on the ruins, and the dining room with more average contemporary decoration-to be honest this maybe the only weak point here This respect for the past but also an ambitious project for the future makes this place very special in my opinion compared to other distilleries.

A highly recommended pilgrimage for every whisky anorak, but also for history amateurs. And this is just starting! The expression available to sample during our visit. Cela fonctionne, pour ma part. The idea of this drink is in fact much closer to what whisky must have been in the early days than what it is now, according to whisky historians. The result of these experiments, the "Aquavitae", can be drinked neat or in cocktails. The distillery proposes several cocktail recipes at the distillery but also on line.

Tasting notes: Color pale yellow as there is no ageing at all it is due to the natural ingredients added. There is a nice melting of the flavors with now some estery notes on the second ground. The finish is elegant, on the same notes. No rating as I never rate unaged new makes , but recommended!

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Expressions tasted during October, 15 Tweet Tasting. English Tasting Notes: Color: Obviously colourless, because color comes from the ageing in casks. Palate: Intense, violent. The alcohol is very powerful, so it is difficult to assess this spirit without water. This is not necessarily pleasant, I have to say. Conclusion: Interesting. A more pleasant spirit than the new make, and which is promising. Conclusion: Promising!

This it very impressive and speaks volumes about local road trafic. Let me tell you that the only conclusion then I can draw is that it makes me want the same and quickly, in EDINBURGH visited way too quickly as we were running out if time as well in other places. I leave you with a few souvenirs-pictures of a few things I brought back from Scotland, hoping it will give you the desire to visit this beautiful country too!

My Journey wouldn't have been the same without those 2 very generous persons's gifts I wanted to thank especially here Moira R. Je crois que c'est clair, non? B ibliographie WEB Addendum :. So yes there are now 15 videos blogs recommended here, 12 ahead of the others, and one of them awarded, the same as last year, so congrats to him, Jason Vaswani, from Jason Whisky Wise to be followed for year ! Besides, it may include some silly or not jokes I did also revise some of the comments about previously awarded vlogs, in order to be more in phase with their news.

Also the number of reviews he posts is huge, plus the fact he does often interesting vertical tastings. As for other vlogs, this is of course subjective, but for me again very relevant, with always something interesting to learn from his videos, wether it is informations, argumented opinions, prices comparisons, etc Please see the link above. Also recommended, his website link above as well. He has been recently rejoined by his son Benedikt, and each one has his style, plus they are sometimes together to assess whiskies or to evoke different subject matter or answer to FAQ.

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  • Mais on l'aime, le Ralfy, avec ses "there we go, now you know.. But he is also a whisky expert who collaborates with Whisky Magazine UK, a judge for several international whisky related competitions such as World Whisky Awards Very concise and focused on the tasting, Chris gets to the crux of the matter to talk about his passion and he great abilities to compare whiskies by the way, he studied the art of distillation.

    A major channel to know better the Nord American whiskies, and the U. Whiskies in particular, but also on a historical point of view. De quoi s'instruire et se divertir. Mark can be proud of his channel which has more than listeners for his Podcast and this in countries P ar ailleurs, ses quiz sur le whisky sont redoutables! Besides, his quizzes in his livestreams are impressive! Alors, soutenons-le de plus belle!

    One never get bored with his videos, even if I do not understand always everything that is said. A beautiful strip of revelers, I have to say! Most of the people taking part of the vlog above also run blogs I recommend to you as well ok they like to do jokes, but they are also trained whisky tasters! Rob is a Canadian guy passionate about whisky from the East Coast, and Toronto at the moment. Unlike others, he seems as interested by Scotch whiskies as by North American whiskies, and he reviews these whiskies always with an open mind, giving tips about how to find whiskies, the price tag, but also invites other vloggers and people to dialog around varied topics about whisky.

    A quite endearing vlogger also because, unlike others, he is really interested by the interactivity of his channel during the livestreams he does, and this not only in order to win more subscribers or patrons. Kudos to him for that! I guess that it may influence his tastings as he has a palate trained to Eastern food probably more than the average whisky blogger who may not travel so far, but who knows. His channel is about whisky reviews, but also general of particular whisky topics and I like the fact it is always made in a good mood, with a smile, even if it is to put some mischief in it.

    You will find there informations, opinions, tasting notes in a good conviviality spirit. Recently, Erik decided to break this image of a serious guy to focus more on doing entertaining videos about whisky in shorter size, for more efficiency but also fun probably not to fall in a certain routine. S wami has also another original approach. You will also find Tasting Notes about varied whiskies in the section with a link below, added on a regular basis This topic is especially dedicated to the Canadians quoted below, but also to the branch of my family who lives in Ontario, Canada De quoi surprendre Besides, it sells its whiskies to countries around the world.

    The United States of America, who knows well its whiskies since the Prohibition episode Around 10 years ago I had the opportunity to discover by chance a shop selling and organizing sometimes whisky tastings too. Besides, the Canadian whisky offer in France was and IS still!

    I did. With these 12 samples, added to my 10 tasting notes, I was now ready to understand a bit more Canadian whisky, at least enough to publish my notes and try to present them here to you in a better context. And frankly what I discovered was spectacular. They can create 50 different recipies and play with different kinds of distillation , from column still to pot still, as well as double column still. They have also less casks use regulations restrictions. In fact it ressembles more than one could think to Japanese whisky.

    About Canadian whisky sales, another difference with almost any other country except Sweden, is that alcohol can only be sold by state shops, which are different according the states. Who am I talking about? Aside of them, many boutique distilleries blossom since a few years. Attention, non, il n'y a pas d'erreurs de frappe,. More recently, as in the United States, Canada saw a lot of new distilleries open often boutique distilleries and the offer now is huge, but alas mostly limited to the local market, in terms of availability to non-North American customers, with still a small offer in France, for instance.

    So for this special topic, I have collected here my old tasting notes about Canadian whiskies, revised them, sometimes when it was possible retried the whiskies before writing, and wrote new ones about 12 samples received in The wood is charred probably heavily and it is possible that some Cognac is added, as whisky writer Dave BROOM mentions there is some in the 10 y.

    With water, it is a bit more interesting, and better during the next tastings. Some liquorice is now coming through, as well as some maple syrup, and a hint of red fruit. Conclusion : Better after several tastings, this whisky needs nevertheless to breathe a bit. This is the best Canadian whisky worldwide sale. It is melted, honeyed, with some of the content probably aged more than years old.

    On the palate it is very woody, with some sourness oxidization , some rancio same , a few winey notes, evoking, at this stage, more a brandy, not a whisky. Then it evolves with some tiny red fruit notes, some dried fruit apricot, raisins , sweet spices and a touch of rye. The finish is very short, and flat. You can try it with ice, but it will ruin the tiny complexity that was left.

    Epices douces. Here the whisky was matured in first fill ex-Bourbon casks, but also in new oak casks. Almost a rose wood note as well, and some sweet spices. Water helps to bring on more overture to the general profle, but one has to be cautious, to keep its balance and the more subtle red fruit coming through now, such as marasquino cherries. Conclusion: A much more interesting expression than the standard one in my opinion. I hope it will last and added to the core range. Un nez riche et engageant. On the palate, though, the balance is less convincing, with lots of things going on but no clear direction.

    It also needs air. The wood is dominating, with burnt wood, melted with caramel notes, leaving a slightly bitter aftertaste. The finish is rather short, a bit winey and mildly spicy. A frustrating whisky, but that can be improved in my opinion. Du bois neuf se fait sentir en finale. Assez plat. It is matured in American oak casks. On the palate the sweetness is here but not so much, because of it youth and the huge wood extraction. Slightly sugary, but quickly overpowered by some new oak notes. It lacks balance. Rather flat. Conclusion: A lot of noise for something decent but rather flat for a single malt, too young, with too much wood in my opinion.

    Tasted during Whisky Live Paris Rating under reservations : 76? Lots of spices there, and some dryness, with the oak still too much ahead. Some fizzy note on the palate, a bit acidic, probably coming from the wine finishing.

    Prof, un métier nettement moins en vogue

    With water, there is more delicacy in the fruity notes, but the overall profile gets then more vivid, with a lot of spices. Conclusion: I think this expression is more interesting than the one without this finishing, but once again, somehow far from the target.

    Rating under reservations : 82? Quelques vagues notes de fruits frais, mais surtout des notes de fruits secs oranges, abricots, raisins de Corinthe.

    Le Japonais - Guide de conversation Pour les Nuls

    Toucher assez soyeux en bouche. It is small batch produced and matured in casks that help previously one time only bourbon. There are not new oak casks as it is mandatory for American bourbons. In the background, some burnt wood notes mixed with milky breakfast muesli notes. I think this whisky would be gorgeous as well if it was poured on top of a good vanilla ice cream!

    With water, it gets even more silky, but may tend to asepticise a bit too much the whisky, so please do not dilute it too much. This great blending work represent quite well the beauty, the refinement and the interest of Canadian whisky in my opinion. All I can say if that it mixes 3 different grains in the casks types listed above and is distilled twice, once in a column still and then a second time in a pot still.

    TN: Maple wood notes are more important than in the expression above, giving it a profile closer to Tennessee whiskey than the old expression. Conclusion: A refined whisky for sure, but for me less convincing than the batch yes it was a different expression , less elegant as well.

    A Noter: J. It is ablended whisky made mainly composed of rye, barley and corn. Elegant, it shows a refined woody note, beautifully milky caramel notes. Conclusion: Un des J. With a few drops of water, it is still great, but do not add more, in order to avoid bitterness. Conclusion: This expression is very different from the ones tasted before from the same brand. I will say do not dilute too much or not at all. Conclusion: An amazing whisky, a surprise, original and interesting, but maybe not for a newcomer to Canadian whisky.

    It is said that the content is old approx. An interesting information, bottles only were produced because it is the number of the weeks from the day the country got free until the bottling date, in ! If there is some vanilla, it is so subtle that it is melted with the caramel, all these notes giving a succulent pastry note to this whisky. This whisky needs no water as the abv choice is perfect, but if you do want to dilute it, a few drops will be enough.

    Une belle vue du J. Merci au blog www. Bouche: Tout aussi magnifique! C'est superbe! TN: On the nose, impressive complexity and refinement.

    Audio books gratuits : liste des meilleurs livres à écouter gratuits en anglais

    Refined notes of solvent, paraffin and wax, complex oak some of it green , beautiful notes of natural caramel, honey, fresh red apples, and other fruit difficult to identify. Quite a promising nose. On the palate , this is as magnificent as on the nose, with oak in the center, but a beautiful oak and essential as a spinal column, only here to enhance the other notes.

    The palate is very faithful to the nose, with a pastry sensation the caramel, but also some milk chocolate, noble walnuts. This is superb! Conclusion: Once finished the tasting of this whisky, tasted several times God bless you, George! If I had to summarize what is Canadian whisky refinement or Excellence in one whisky, I will choose this one. A dissertation like this one, I want more of it!

    It is a collector one already and it has been awarded several times this year. Nah, success! La fameuse bouteille anguleuse plus une carafe, en fait des J. Un grand moment rien que pour le nez. Merci, Don! A great tasting moment, even just for the nose. On the palate , it has a bit less aromatic power than the nose, a bit closed in the beginning, but it still has so many beautiful things to tell us: Faithful to the nose, with, as a leitmotif, this exceptional quality caramel note, it displays beautiful woody notes, along with a delicate spicy note black pepper , and among many other notes not easy to identify but that gives the ensemble a lot of charm.

    Quite an old whisky for Northern America where temperature is more extreme than in Scotland, and the ageing quicker , almost too old I wish I could try a 25 years old version of this, just to compare the ageing , but still magnificent and deserving great respect. A few very few, please! However, as often with very old whiskies, from Scotland as well, for instance, the nose will be superior to the palate, and it is also the case here. But, having said that, what a beautiful whisky! Reasonably priced, this one was quickly sold out, but there will probably be a edition!

    iPad Screenshots

    On the palate, It is the same complexity, sensual melting of flavors, faithful to the nose. Conclusion: Another stunner that is simply splendid! Kudos to Don Livermore, once again! I mpressionnant! Presque encore mieux. Add some varied candied notes and you get the full picture. With water more suppleness is provided, and enhances the important but perfectly mastered wood work, wood selection. Another achievement to put at his credit! Nez: Suave, fin, et capiteux. La rhubarbe domine alors, puis comme une note de pivoine et de rose voire du bois de rose.

    There are a lot of things going on there, even if all these notes converge towards a unique arrival point. Nez: Impressionnant!

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    Bouche: Wow! Un chef d'oeuvre! Bravo, Don! TN: Golden color, with partly orange hues. While you can devote a lifetime to the study of this or any language, picking up the basics of Japanese doesn't require any more than an interest and a willingness to try something new.

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    Author and Professor of Japanese Eriko Sato starts you off with the essentials of grammar and pronunciation, giving you a working sense of the language, before showing you Japanese in action. You'll then explore vocabulary and expressions through dialogues taking place in situations such as: Introductions and greetingsEating and drink ingShoppingExploring the townTalking on the telephoneAsking directionsGetting aroundStaying at a hotel You'll also discover social customs, formalities, and manners, from how and when to bow to how to unwrap a present. Whether you simply want to introduce yourself to the Japanese language, say a few words to a neighbor or coworker, or you're planning a major trip or study abroad in Japan, "Japanese For Dummies" will enable you to get the basics fast and work towards your own goal at your own pace.

    You'll also find out about: How to use karaoke to help you learn JapaneseMovies that will introduce you to Japanese culture and languageLearning Japanese the "gourmet" wayWhen ignoring "no, thank you" shows good mannersProper table mannersProper body languageHow to sound fluentAnd much more With helpful vocabulary summaries, a mini-dictionary at the end, and an audio CD full of conversations and pronunciations, "Japanese For Dummies" assumes no prior knowledge of Japanese on your part--providing the perfect guide for a quick-but-thorough, lighthearted-but-not-lightweight introduction to the language.

    Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Japanese for Dummies , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

    Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 05, Maegin rated it it was amazing Shelves: reference. Like the whole of the " For Dummies" series, this was easy to understand and fraught with puns. I enjoyed using this as a supplement to my learning software and textbooks as it explained the language to me from the perspective of a native speaker. Good stuff! Jul 25, Justin rated it really liked it. If you are serious about learning Japanese what you need before reading this book is discipline.

    Discipline coupled with this book is an excellent way to start getting into the thick of the Japanese language. This book has SO much content to it. I read it as supplemental reading for a Japanese class I was taking and was surprised at the amount of information the entire book has. The grammar chapters were excellent! And the life scenarios are chock full of great verbs and nouns. I would recommend If you are serious about learning Japanese what you need before reading this book is discipline. I would recommend this book as a resource to anyone who is looking to start learning Japanese.

    Memorizing the grammatical rules, verbs, nouns, etc. A con for this book is that it only teaches Japanese in romanji Roman alphabet and does not delve into the Kana. Again, if you are serious about learning you will advance and you will need more resources as you progress. Jun 07, Dennis rated it liked it. Obviously I didn't finish it or become fluent in Japanese but I got a lot more easy to learn bits out of it than I expected. Sep 20, Koby rated it really liked it. Very helpful! Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date.

    For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Le japonais, c'est dans la poche! Envisagez-vous de voyager, d'habiter ou de travailler au Japon? De tenir une conversation basique avec un japonais?

    Une nouvelle fois, faites confiance aux Nuls : apprentissage rapide et efficace garanti! See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist.