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We are excited to be able to offer you Edu-Activity books for children aged 4 — 7 years of age. Parents are finding though, that children up to the age of 9 also enjoy the activities and especially the fun times baking and creating things and talking to their parents.

Poems - Four Feet

There will be future topics dealing with drugs and pet care amongst other things, which we will keep you informed about. A second student book can be ordered if you have two children of similar age.

Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger. Find out more. Your Body Belongs To You.

"Four Feet in Heaven" Cat Lover Remembrance Poem

Say No To Bullying. T he most maddening and self-defeating aspect of the Brexit mess is that it consumes political energy and media coverage that is desperately needed elsewhere. More than anything, it is needed by the hundreds of thousands of people in Britain who do not have adequate homes, and most urgently by the estimated 4, people who are sleeping on the streets of British cities each night.

The lack of any big policy initiative aimed at getting a grip on this situation — or indeed any real public debate on the issue — is a national disgrace. Every politician in the country should be strapped to a chair and forced to read it.

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  • Ubú rey (Spanish Edition).
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This is the strange situation that Courtenay sets out to expose and explore. Perhaps they make us feel helpless, and remind us how fragile life can be. Everybody has problems but they tend to keep them in a little box, locked up … but my problem is out there.

Early one morning, she walks to the bottom of her road in Highbury, north London with her Nikon camera in a plastic bag and a policy of talking to any homeless person who will talk to her. For a few weeks she does this every day, making her way slowly towards the West End. She sits on park benches and damp pieces of cardboard, finds people in tents and phone boxes, buys sugary coffees and shares her fags.

  1. Pocket Change.
  2. El Brazalete (Spanish Edition).
  3. Second Sight?
  4. Her aim is not to judge homeless people for their choices, but just to listen to what they have to say. Each chapter of the book tells the story of one of the people she met, and each is heartbreaking in a different way. His dream is to start a charity for disabled homeless people. Sometimes the stories challenge all our assumptions.