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A lot of the humour would translate and the general message of peace vs. Tremendous fun from the page, though. Apr 03, Rick rated it really liked it Shelves: drama. In The Acharnians a crafty, homely farmer makes a separate peace because he is tired of doing without. The humor is broad, bawdy to the po In The Acharnians a crafty, homely farmer makes a separate peace because he is tired of doing without. Near the end of Lysistrata , Athenian and Spartan males are walking around with super-sized erections, bent-backed in pain over toting their throbbing phalli about without relief.

In other words, what the boys of South Park have come up with is actually several thousand years old. Contemporary folks appear in the plays to be skeweredanother commonality with South Park—Cleon, Euripides, and many others whose fame has been made obscure by history. While the father sees the lack of intellectual merit in the sophist approach he delights in its potential benefit, a perpetual get out of jail card for any malfeasance. He is greedy, selfish and cynical, not an innocent led astray by new fangled assaults on the old and traditional.

Purpose takes a back seat to laughs. To that point, much of Aristophanes is very funny; but to be fair, no matter how funny you were at the moment, give or take years, some jokes lose their freshness and even their meaning—and word to the wise to the translator and editor: explaining jokes, not funny. Themes like war, sex, hypocrisy and human nature are timeless because one indelible characteristic of human nature apparently is we are slow learners.

Then comes the pie in the face or the news that our hubris has led to the slaughter of half our family. Nov 13, Clare Carter rated it liked it. This was actually the best one I've gotten to read for my minor--at least for this semester. Of course the humor is also absurd because that's how Ancient Greek humor worked, but honestly it was just super fun to read this honestly. A much needed break from all my other grueling reading in this freaking classssss. Mar 03, Caroline rated it did not like it. We only read Lysistrata in clubbe, but 1-star for the translator of this Penguin edition, who indicates the Spartans as foreign through dialect View 2 comments.

Nov 16, Nicole Griffen rated it it was amazing. Lysistrada and Other Plays was an excellent and hilarious play to read with the withholding sex to encourage ceasefire. This is most defiantly a comedy and there were several moments I found myself laughing out loud because of the language and the way the women would use withholding of sex as a tool to try to get their personal political views noticed.

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The dynamic between the men and women in the choruses also reveals the dependency between the domestic and political lives of the people in Athen Lysistrada and Other Plays was an excellent and hilarious play to read with the withholding sex to encourage ceasefire. The dynamic between the men and women in the choruses also reveals the dependency between the domestic and political lives of the people in Athens.

This comes across as a play that was used as propaganda in order to strengthen the female race of Athenian women. No wonder poets write tragedies about us. The men in the play seemed to be in a whirlwind dealing with these women. Kinesias was toyed with in one scene by Myrrhine. She kept getting him all excited and then made excuse after excuse to leave the bed.

With all the things that the women did to get the men to end the war the men just viewed them as being playful and playing hard to get, even though the women had a certain agenda in mind when they were withholding sex the men did not see it. Nov 13, Alma Segura rated it liked it. From the beginning it gets your attention because of all the sex talk lol.

The jokes were something else. It did make me think about Aristophanes, and how or what he was thinking when he wrote this. Any who, the fact that the story had the gender vs. So I enjoyed when they would go back and forth with each other bickering about everything. I am still in between about if I would read it again or not, but overall I enjoyed the read and the jokes, it does make you giggle from time to time.

May 30, R. Evans rated it really liked it. As has been pointed out to me repeatedly over the years, my twelfth grade honors curriculum is pretty heavy on tragedies. Toying with the idea of rewriting the course to include some comedies, I read Lysistrata, something I've been meaning to do for years. Probably not the best choice for high school seniors, what with all the exaggerated erect phalluses and all in the play, that is.

Strange choice by this translator, too, to render the speech of the Spartans as a Scottish dialect. Jun 22, Annie rated it it was amazing Shelves: classical-antiquity. Such a fantastic play! Hilarious sexual jokes on every page, and so refreshing to have an ancient play where the main characters are women- clever women, wily women, funny women, women who can fight men and come off the better.

Only the men are the real butts of the jokes, and most are made out to be foolish brutes who stumble around waving their swords wink blindly. Jan 07, Steven rated it really liked it Shelves: ancient , plays. One of the first feminist, pacifist sex romps on the stage Apr 13, Christi rated it really liked it Shelves: classic-drama. This should be fun to teach. Jan 19, Emma rated it really liked it Shelves: plays , re-read , classically-inclined , feminism , favourite-plays. One of my favourite Greek Comedies. Feminism, phallic humour, banter. Apr 01, Paul Haspel rated it it was amazing Shelves: ancient-greece.

Two of these plays -- Lysistrata itself and The Acharnians -- provide trenchant commentary on the Peloponnesian War in which Athens was then engaged against Sparta; the third, The Clouds , is equally successful as a comedy of ideas.

Lysistrata and Other Plays

The title of The Acharnians B. Working with the guidance of the immortal Amphitheus whose presence in the play seems to indicate that the Olympian gods would smile upon an Athenian decision to turn away from war , Dikaiopolis successfully breaks with the militaristic policies of post-Periclean Athens, and enjoys the fruits of peace thereby.

Let him shake his crests at the salt-fish vendors! The Clouds B. In the Platonic dialogues, Socrates is a gentle, diffident figure, bringing his interlocutors to the truth through patient questioning. What rubbish you talk! There is no Zeus! Lysistrata B. By the time Lysistrata was first staged, the Peloponnesian War had been going on for nineteen years. Make love, not war. Give peace a chance. Whether you want the high comedy of ideas or the low comedy of sex talk and bodily functions, Aristophanes is the comedian for you.

May 01, David Bickerton rated it really liked it. Disclaimer: I know nothing about Greek theatre with the Iliad being my only previous entry into the Greek classics so I didn't know what to expect from this comedy, but I thought it was hilarious.

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It also must have been very challenging at the time as well as uproarious. Aristophanes was writing in a "democratic" Athens where only men had power, but he chooses to flip it on its head as the women take back control and add some common sense after years of war. It's all told with some very earthy, Disclaimer: I know nothing about Greek theatre with the Iliad being my only previous entry into the Greek classics so I didn't know what to expect from this comedy, but I thought it was hilarious. It's all told with some very earthy, sexual humour.

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As you might expect of Ancient Greece, phalluses are everywhere! Aug 15, Tian Gao rated it it was amazing. Mar 26, Gloria Guthrie rated it it was amazing. If you only read one Aristophanes play in your life, make sure it is Lysistrata. Mar 15, Nazire rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , greek-classics-tragedies , antiquity-texts , plays , fantasy , greek-myth , myth. I guess I am growing more traditional.

Lysistrata and other plays

These plays are funny and Lysistrata is my favorite among them. But I guess, I prefer Sophocles to Aristophanes. Feb 24, nia rated it it was amazing. Feb 08, Charlotte Coyne rated it it was ok Shelves: plays-drama , classics.

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Dec 11, Austin Hoffman rated it it was amazing. Reread Clouds Such a genius and all-around funny man. Aug 25, Steph rated it liked it. Only read Lysistrata. It was hilarious :P. Nov 15, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: fiction. Just read The Clouds.

Not as much of a fan of the crude comedy as the tragedians. Oct 30, Alexis rated it it was amazing. This was a very funny play. I only read the Lysistrata, for Lit Hum, but I would definitely revisit it. Oct 12, Julian Meynell rated it it was amazing Shelves: ancient , reviewed , greek , plays. I'm slowly working my way through the Ancient Greek play writes and I have read Aeschylus and Sophocles but not Euripides. Aristophanes is my first comedic Greek play write and likely to be my last because he is the only one that survives.

This volume contains Lysistrata, The Archanians and the Clouds. There quality varies although all are good. The short format of Greek plays lends itself better to comedy than to Drama and that means that unlike the Greek dramatist who typical must compress epic tragedy into a brief hour, Aristophanes is working without those kind of time constraints.

Aristophanes style is remarkably earthy and ribald. There are lots and lots of jokes about farting, shitting and penises here. There are also a lot of puns that the translator understandably struggles with. The best bits are however satires of individual persons, many of whom remain well known to anyone who knows about the period and general satires of the foibles and stupidity of humans. The works are remarkably daring and political.

Ancient Greek plays were usually only preformed once in a particular venue with a huge audience watching. It is remarkable then to consider that these plays would have been performed with many of the satirical targets sitting in the audience. Aristophanes politics are mostly propeace, but otherwise reactionary. The Clouds attacks Socrates and the new philosophy. This is often considered an unfair attack, because Aristophanes ascribes views to Socrates that clearly were held by other philosophers, but it is clear that Socrates stands in for all the philosophers, sophists and rhetoricians of his day.

I say this as an entire convert to Socrates cause. Lysistrata is a play that almost defies explanation. It is about women withholding sex so that there husbands will make peace. Written towards the end of the Peloponnesian War it is remarkable in its tolerant attitude to Sparta.

Aristophanes - Lysistrata - A Summary

If someone where to write a play like this today about a modern conflict, it would feel fresh revolutionary and controversial. In a weird way the closest thing to it today is the more intelligent comedy of Matt Parker and Trey Stone. The way in which, in all the plays, the chorus is used is extraordinary and it is amazing to thing that that device can be used in such a subversive manner.

I don't know that it is one of the funniest works ever written, but I find you can never tell with comedies until you watch them performed, but my it is daring and thoughtful and mixes the most and least sophisticated ideas seamlessly. Brilliant writing. No wonder it has lasted almost two and a half thousand years.

Nov 24, K. In Lysistrata, the titular heroine persuades the women of Greece to withhold sex from their husbands, forcing them to end the Peloponnesian War; and in The Archanians, a lone peasant enters into a private peace treaty with the Spartans, much to the chagrin of his fellow Athenians. The darker comedy of The Clouds satirises Athenian philosophers, Socrates in particular, and reflects the uncertainties of a generation in which all traditional religious and ethical beliefs were being challenged.

For this edition Alan H. Sommerstein has completely revised his translation of the three plays, bringing out the full nuances of Aristophanes' ribald humour and intricate wordplay, with a new introduction explaining the historical and cultural background to the plays.

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  7. Aristophanes c. He was twice threatened with prosecution in the s for his outspoken attacks on the prominent politician Cleon, but in he was publicly honoured and crowned for promoting Athenian civic unity in The Frogs. Seller Inventory APG Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory n. Book Description Penguin Random House.

    Brand New. Seller Inventory Seller Inventory BZV Book Description Addison Wesley. Book Description Penguin Classics, Seller Inventory mon Book Description Addison Wesley April , Paper Back. Writing at the time of political and social crisis in Athens, Aristophanes was an eloquent yet bawdy challenger to the demagogue and the sophist. The Achanians is a plea for peace set agai. Shipping may be from multiple locations in the US or from the UK, depending on stock availability.

    Lysistrata and Other Plays Penguin Classics. Publisher: Addison Wesley , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Three plays by the comedian of Ancient Greece Writing at the time of political and social crisis in Athens, Aristophanes was an eloquent yet bawdy challenger to the demagogue and the sophist.

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